Consultation and Specialized Studies​

OGS provides its premium services to transfer and develop skills of people working in oil and gas sector, by building up a massive portfolio and focuses on “technical support” in all segments starting with drilling, exploration, geological studies, all the way to downstream activities, and production, as well as refineries and petrochemicals, to support all the Oil and gas companies inside and outside Egypt. ​

Technical consultation services​

  • Engineering Studies
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
Development of Plant Procedures and Manuals
  • Safe to Operate Procedure​​
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual​
  • Welding Procedure Writing/Qualification
Technical Activities
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control Services​​
  • Mechanical Testing and Metallurgical Services​
  • Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS)
IT Consultation Services ​
  • Security​

Non-Technical consultation services​

  • Competency Based Training Systems (CBT)​
  • Organization Strategic Planning​
  • Training Need Analysis (TNA)​
  • Habilitation of Manpower​